Sensory Applications

Symrise is committed to the creation of new and differentiated sensory products and the discovery of new applications for existing products. In order to satisfy today’s customers who demand specific sensory experiences, Symrise is constantly innovating new sensory ingredients based on our customers' requirements using new manufacturing technologies and natural feedstocks.

Choose from the following applications

Animal Nutrition


    Symrise understands the need for palatability enhancement of animal feed and has been a supplier of aroma chemicals for animal feed for many years. We know the importance of feed in animal health and by extension the health of people who consume these animal products.

    Carvacrol is one of the active chemical components of oregano, thyme, and marjoram essential oils. Symrise's Carvacrol is derived from l-carvone which is manufactured from a sustainable citrus d-limonene using a proprietary green process. This is a multifaceted compound that can be used as a flavor providing additional health benefits to the livestock due to its potential antioxidant and antibacterial properties.



    Symrise offers a range of unique ingredients that are used globally by formulators to enhance both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage applications.

    Symcool® cooling agents exhibit a rounded cooling sensation on taste with outstanding longevity performance. Cooling agents may also be used as flavor and able to boost flavor profile and intensity.

Chewing Gum


    Symrise delivers a full spectrum of resins and physiological cooling agents for use in chewing gum. Chewing gum formulators rely on Symrise for high integrity ingredients paired with a long history of excellence and innovation.

    Symrise has a long history of innovation and excellence in the supply of physiological coolants. Symcool® cooling agents are a range of physiological coolants which provide the consumer with unique and intense cooling profiles to help the manufacturer customize their final formulas, creating unique flavor profiles.



    Symcool® ingredients are not only used as a coolant additive to impart a lasting cooling effect, they can also be used as a flavor modifier. Added at low levels, Symcool® imparts freshness and authenticity to fruit flavors in various confectionery applications. It can also be added in chocolates and caramels to promote a cooling, indulgent and enjoyable eating experience.

Oral Care


    Symrise is dedicated to developing innovative ingredients for oral care formulators, as well as overcoming any technical and regulatory challenges in this specialized market. Our ingredients are widely used by some of the world’s leading brands in oral care applications.

    Symcool® cooling agents exhibit rounded cooling sensation along with outstanding longevity performance. Our range of products help developers create long lasting fresh flavors, giving the consumer a unique and lasting clean flavor.


Personal Care


    Symrise offers a diverse list of essential ingredients used in a variety of personal care applications including cosmetics, creams and lotions, body and hair wash products, as well as depilatory wax. Our ingredients deliver a wide range of functionalities and sensations that are critical for the performance of the final product. We are continuously seeking to create innovative ingredients catering to the ever-changing needs of the personal care markets.